Data Science is our Service

HealthTwiSt is an innovative goal-oriented service provider. In particular you gain from many years know-how in the analysis of complex data.

Data analytics

  • Data description with informative figures and tables
  • Hypothesis testing / classical statistics
  • Data mining / machine learning
  • Reproducible research: every step of the analysis from data import over transformations up to publication-ready tables and figures is fully traceable

Statistics seminars (principles, application in R)

Web-based Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF)

  • Advantages in terms of progress monitoring, data consistency, and speed of access to results
  • Data security with back-ups and encryption, full control over access rights
  • Suitable for clinical as well as basic research
  • Developed by clinicians, study nurses,statisticians, and programmers

Our thinking with data unveils the value in your data!


HealthTwiSt GmbH
Lindenberger Weg 80, 13125 Berlin


Health twists goal is data analysis. Data is valuable raw material. Turning it into information needs mining, careful handling, and polishing.