The Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Functional Genomics has been in existence at TH Wildau for over twelve years. We work at the interface between academy and industry with the aim of providing our business partners with methodological skills and background knowledge and thus ultimately provide additional academic value for their applications. On the other hand, we aim to convey practical aspects to our academic partners.

We carry out projects based on different funding schemes that address the main areas of biomedicine, foodtech and environment. Topics that unite all of these themes are development, application, standardization and quality management of methods using a wide variety of devices. Our broad line-up without focusing restrictively on one area of ​​knowledge allows us to cooperate flexibly with a wide variety of partners and to quickly open up new areas. Our scientific standards are high and many projects result in publications and doctoral theses.

In recent years, the companies Oculyze and BIOMES have also resulted in two successful startups from the department.


Expertise and projects in the field of drug discovery, vaccine, drug and biomarker development, e.g .:

– Development of differently glycosylated and thus potentiated vaccine candidates
– Improvement of tumor therapeutics after coupling to C60 fullerene
– High-throughput screening of cyanobacteria to identify new potential tumor therapeutics
– Development of Companion Diagnostic for diseases in the course of growth hormone disorders
– Population and vector genetics of leishmaniasis


– Development of methods for the controlled maturation of pork
– Analysis and optimization of coffee maturation
– Encapsulation of yeasts e.g. for targeted control of dough ripening


– Development of high-throughput methods for the analysis of environmental samples for pollutants
– Methods for controlling methane oxidation in landfills


Dr. Lars Radke

Molekulare Biotechnologie und Funktionelle Genomik
Haus 16-2003
TH Wildau (FH)
Hochschulring 1

phone: +49 (0)3375 508 437
email: lradke[at]th-wildau.de

web: https://www.th-wildau.de/forschung-transfer/institute-of-life-sciences-and-biomedical-technologies/molbiotec/

What we offer

  • extensive and modern laboratory equipment
  • Nucleic acids: NGS, qPCR, ddPCR
  • Mass spectrometry: Maldi-TOF, Maldi-TOF-TOF, LC-MSMS
  • Cell culture with FACS, micromanipulator
  • digital microscopy
  • Laboratory automation and liquid handling
  • deepLearning, machine learning, AI, digital image recognition, sequence evaluation
  • quick and individual solutions

What we are looking for

  • industrial and academic partners with practical problems that can be solved scientifically

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
the lab directly or get in touch with our network management here. We are happy to assist and arrange a meeting with our members.