The glyconet BB is the network of scientists and entrepreneurs of glycobiology and glycobiotechnology, located in the capital region Berlin Brandenburg, Germany.

Since 2014, the professional network facilitates the identification of project partners, supports interdisciplinary collaborations between scientists and entrepreneurs, and represents interests towards political decision-makers in Germany. Furthermore, it focuses on training and career building.
The common goal of all network members is to drive innovations through interdisciplinary collaborations from bench to marketable products and technologies.
The glyconet BB is a non-profit organization. It is funded by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Brandenburg within the Joint Task of Improving Regional Economic Structure (Gemeinschaftsaufgabe „Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur“ – GRW), membership fees, and donations.


We support joint research and development projects

  • We offer access to a network of scientists and entrepreneurs in glycobiotechnology. Furthermore, we support identifying collaborators for joint R&D projects in this complex field.
  • We support members in identifying synergies for common research projects. We provide updates on funding opportunities, advise and inform about funding processes.

We offer hands-on training courses

  • Promotion of young researchers is a key element to gain further understanding in glycosciences. During our annual winter school, we train young professionals in glycomics. In this course, general introductions into glycobiology and glycobiotechnology and in-depth hands-on-training are combined. Experts and peers offer support, provide valuable insights, and best practices.

We organize scientific conferences, symposia, and workshops

  • Events are an ideal platform to promote knowledge and expertise and to identify potential synergies. Therefore, we organize meetings for members and peers. At trade fairs and congresses, we represent the glyconet BB and their members.


Our members represent the interests of:

  • clinicians,
  • universities and research institutes,
  • manufacturers of chemicals, assays, medical devices, etc.

Their expertise reaches from glycan isolation, synthesis, and engineering to microarray production, analysis, high-throughput screenings, and production of glycoproteins.

Meet our members

Meet the board


Glycoscience (derived from Greek glykòs for sweet) is the science of saccharides, which includes the investigation of their structure, biosynthesis, and biology. Since carbohydrates are ubiquitously distributed in nature, this research area is essential to face global health and environmental challenges. This makes glycosciences and glycobiotechnology relevant in:

  • diagnostics,
  • biopharmaceuticals (vaccines, antimicrobials, anticancer drugs),
  • nanotechnology,
  • bioinformatics,
  • foods, and
  • cosmetics.

These fields of activity offer huge cross-innovation opportunities and spin-off potentials in medicine, biotechnology, bioeconomy, and biomaterials. According to the latest European White Paper on glycobiology (Link to website , the glycomics R&D market includes enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, instruments, kits and reagents, and is expected to rise to US$930 million by 2019.

Glycobiology and glycobiotechnology in Berlin and Brandenburg:

First attempts to establish a regional value chain for glycosciences in Berlin and Brandenburg can be traced back to the early 2000s. With the combined excellence of research institutions and a great variety of SMEs this region established itself as one of the leading centers for glycosciences in Europe, with expertise in:

  • glycan isolation,
  • synthesis,
  • engineering,
  • microarray production,
  • analysis,
  • high-throughput screening,
  • and production of glycoproteins.