UGA Biopharma is a full service contract R&D provider in the field of mammalian Cell Line Development. UGA`s proven core expertise is the development of Research Cell Banks for BioSimilar and Biotherapeutics manufacturing.

UGA offering compiles:

  • Cell Line Development for pharmaceutical manufacturing (CHO cells)
  • Upstream Process Development & Downstream Process Development
  • Contract Analytics & Contract R&D
  • Tech Transfer and Process Implementation Consulting
  • Training in Cell Line Development & Culture TechniquesPRODUCTS:
  • Ready-to-use Research Cell Banks for Biosimilar manufacturing
  • Cost-effective proprietary chemically defined cell culture media for high yields
  • Proprietary expression vectors for CHO cells


UGA Biopharma GmbH
16761 Hennigsdorf, Neuendorfstraße 20a (Deutschland)

+49 (0)3302 / 2024900
+49 (0)3302 / 2024901


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